Dozens of Polar Bears crowd a Russian Village for food
Dozens of Polar Bears crowd a Russian Village for food

Moscow: Recently, terror of polar bears has spread in a village in Russia, where the ice is melting on a large scale in the Arctic due to climate change. About 56 polar bears along with cubs of different ages have entered the village from the icy area. Due to these hungry hunter bears, about 700 people in the village are afraid to get out of the houses. Due to this, all schools have also been closed.

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According to sources, this is the second time that the people of this village have faced polar bears at their door. The terror of these bears has become a matter of discussion in Russian television channels. Recently, some video clips have gone viral on social media, in which people were seen facing this dreaded animal. Officials have advised people to avoid these bears weighing 600 kg and can run at a speed of 40 km / h. In Russia, it is illegal to shoot animals.

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Experts believe that when the snow starts melting in the summer, polar bears move towards populated areas. It has warned that since the year 1990, the duration of the melting season has increased by an average of 36 days. According to wildlife biologist Todd Atwood, who led the US Geological Survey's Polar Bear Research Program, polar bear populations are now more visible than in the past decade.

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