Black Snow Here! seeing photos and videos, your senses will be blown away

Nowadays, many shocking cases keep coming to the fore. Now the recent case that came to the fore is from Russia. In fact, a strange incident has come to light here. In fact, something has happened here that after knowing, you will also lose consciousness. In fact, residents of a remote village here say that they are facing a polluting winter. Yes, and not only this, but because of this, instead of falling white snow, black snow is falling in Russia. In fact, in the Far East of Russia, the locals in Omsukchan in the Magadan region of Siberia have complained about this.


They say that their children have been forced to play in the streets and playgrounds covered with ash and black snow. Not only this, there is a coal-fired hot water plant in this village, which provides the necessary heat to four thousand people here. Due to this pollution due to soot and dust has also increased. At present, it can be clearly seen in the pictures that black snow is lying in the cold settled area. Let us tell you that Stalin used to send political prisoners here to do forced labour. At the same time, in a video posted by a resident here, it was said that 'Snow has frozen in Omsukchan village. It is the month of January and our kids are playing here in the black snow. This is how we are living here in the 21st century. Another said, 'This is Omsukchan village and the snow is black, completely black.' This has happened here in the year 2019 as well.

On the other hand, residents here say that despite the collapse of the Soviet Union three decades ago, nothing has changed. Not only this, but the situation here is still the same as before. A person here says, 'Even today our children have to breathe black smoke. Looks like nothing is going to change here.'

Let us also tell you all that this month the temperature has reached below -50 degrees and because of this, coal has been burnt on a large scale, due to which a layer of black smoke has accumulated over the ice here. . At present, pictures of black snow here are dominated on social sites.

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