Russian gold from foreign exchange reserves is within country, says Central bank

The Central Bank of Russia mentioned that all Russian gold from the national gold and foreign exchange reserves is located on the terrain of the country. Russian Times doted that "All the gold from our gold and foreign exchange reserves is in the vaults of the Bank of Russia on the territory of our country."

"Capital mobility restrictions were imposed, including a ban on foreign investors selling assets and withdrawing funds from the Russian financial system." In addition, payments on Russian business and government debt to holders from sanctioned countries were restricted. Only with the authorization of the Government Commission would they be possible.

"That is, in response to the freeze of a portion of Russian reserves, Russia imposed limitations on the flow of cash that may be transferred to hostile countries for a similar amount," the bank explained.

Moscow retaliated when the Bank of Russia's reserves in US dollars and euros were frozen, according to the Central Bank.

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