Russia's Massive Drone Strike Hits Ukraine Overnight
Russia's Massive Drone Strike Hits Ukraine Overnight

KYIV: In a dramatic escalation of hostilities, Ukraine faced a relentless assault on its capital city, Kyiv, as the country's air force reported the most extensive drone attack launched by Russia during the ongoing conflict. The assault, which occurred overnight, resulted in five individuals sustaining injuries while the reverberations of air defenses and explosions shattered the tranquility of the city, awakening its residents.

Utilizing Shahed kamikaze drones of Iranian origin, the attack commenced in the early hours of Saturday, targeting various districts of Kyiv and persisting with successive waves as daylight emerged. According to a spokesperson for Kyiv's city administration speaking to public broadcaster Suspilne, approximately 40 drones were successfully intercepted and downed during the assault.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko, communicating through the Telegram app, confirmed that the attack had inflicted injuries on five individuals, among them an 11-year-old girl. The strikes caused substantial damage to multiple buildings across different areas of the city. One distressing consequence was a fire ignited in a children's nursery by fragments from a downed drone.

The precise objective of this assault remains unclear, yet in recent weeks, Ukrainian authorities had forewarned of Russia's intentions to launch an aerial campaign aimed at disrupting Ukraine's energy infrastructure, akin to attempts made the previous winter. As a result of the attack, Ukraine's energy ministry reported that nearly 200 structures in Kyiv, including 77 residential buildings, were left without power.

This aggressive and sizable drone onslaught marks a significant intensification of the conflict, underscoring the persistent threat faced by Ukraine and raising concerns about the potential for further strategic assaults on critical infrastructure.

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