Fights with mother-in-law will end forever, do this simple solution!

Aug 30 2019 09:00 PM
Fights with mother-in-law will end forever, do this simple solution!

Today, the quarrels between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are on the rise and the house is broken due to these conflicts. So everyone is disturbed by the quarrels of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and wants to put an end to all these quarrels. So today we have come up with some measures that need to be done to those who have these fights in their homes every day. Yes, some of the ways in astrology can help in good mother-in-law relationships, and today we are going to tell you about the same ways. Let us know.

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* Don't let the sound of pot and utensils fall and collide to come in your home as it leads to fights in the house and at the same time decorate the house and keep it beautiful.

* Don't let the dirt in your house be filthy and sweep the house before sunrise and throw the garbage out of the house. They say that one must worship the ancestors at home and feed the first bread to cow and the last bread to dog every day. Make sure that when the tava is heated, sprinkle cold water on it and then make the roti.

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* It is said that if a woman regularly burns jasmine lamps on Saturdays and recites a beautiful kand, or gets it done by a qualified Brahmin, her house, husband and children avoid any kind of distress. At the same time, even if it is not weekly, it is a must at least once a month at home.

* It is said that if there is a quarrel in the family because of money, it should be placed in the southern conch with five crows and placed at home on a silver bowl filled with rice and this remedy should be taken on the first Friday of the Shukla side or on the day of Diwali.

* They say that if there is a fight with mother-in-law in the house, on Saturday morning, wrap the coconut in black cloth and put 21 dots of mascara on it and hang it outside the house as it always avoids bad eyesight and does not fight at home.

Do not see your face in the glass as soon as you wake up in the morning or else...