Sabarimala Pilgrims Served Meals Cooked with Toilet Water, Caught by Ayyappa Seva Sangh
Sabarimala Pilgrims Served Meals Cooked with Toilet Water, Caught by Ayyappa Seva Sangh

In Kerala, a food stall at Erumeli has come under scanner for reportedly using water from toilets in the preparation of foods served to pilgrims seeking the blessings of Lord Ayyappa.  The Ayyappa Seva Sangh found this unsettling revelation during an inspection of the stall, managed by Abdul Shehim, who also holds the role of DYFI Erumeli Regional Secretary.

Alarming reports indicate that for nearly two weeks, this food stall had been employing toilet water in cooking, prompting concerns about the safety of the food served to devotees seeking blessings from Lord Ayyappa.

Local authorities shed light on the issue, detailing how a vigilant team from the revenue department caught the food stall staff in the act of connecting a hose from the toilet pipe to procure water for their culinary activities. Swift action followed as the health department intervened, shutting down the temporary shop and initiating legal proceedings against the license holder.

Conflicting statements emerged as the shop owner initially claimed that the toilet water was solely used for dishwashing purposes, contradicting recorded evidence. Consequently, a case has been lodged against Shehim by both the Revenue Vigilance Squad and the Health Department, indicating the seriousness of the matter.

Deputy Tehsildar Biju G Nair, the Erumeli Revenue Special Squad Charge Officer, disclosed that the investigation remains ongoing, with plans for further inspections in the upcoming days.

Stressing the importance of accountability, Nair emphasized that action will be taken not only against the food stall owner but also the contractor responsible for allowing the hose connection from the toilet tap.

This distressing revelation has sparked concerns regarding public health, initially raised due to a foul smell in the vicinity of the eatery. As a result, immediate closure was enforced to address the alarming unhygienic practices observed.

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