Sabyasachi on target, being trolled for new poster

Famous fashion and jewellery designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the target of trolls every time he does some work. Now in the same order once again he is getting trolled fast. Just a few days ago, there was a lot of controversy about his Mangalsutra ad and after that, he wrote a post apologising and removing the advertisement. Now once again he is the target of trolling. Recently Sabyasachi shared a new ad poster of his jewellery collection.

You can see that this jewellery uses diamonds, pearls, emeralds and aquamarine stones. Several posters of the jewellery collection have been shared on Instagram in which models are wearing sarees. In the meantime, she has carried heavy jewellery in her neck and ears. You can see that one poster has three models and the other poster has six models. There is no expression of happiness on anyone's face during this time. That's all Sabyasachi started getting trolled for. Many trolls say what is the use of wearing such expensive jewellery if they are not happy at all. One user has written, 'It is clear from the picture that you can't buy happiness with money, so why spend money on such expensive jewellery?' One user writes, 'Are they ready to go to someone's destination?'

One of them also said, 'Why are these women so angry?' A troller wrote, 'Who is dead? These women are so negative, the saree doesn't present it, so bright but no happiness. '

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