Video: Before you pour petrol, see zero, then be careful! You may also feel cheated
Video: Before you pour petrol, see zero, then be careful! You may also feel cheated

Theft of petrol is common in today's time. Many times people catch it but many times they are not able to catch it. In ordinary life, when you reach the oil pump, before putting 100 or 200 rupees of oil, you think that if there is nothing wrong, for this you get 110 or 90 rupees oil instead of 100 rupees. They do something similar while getting 200, 500 or one thousand rupees. However, have you ever wondered why the oil pump employee says that while pouring oil, look at zero? Why were you not surprised?


Now let us tell you why this happens? In fact, the purpose of the petrol pump employee is to look at the meter running at the pump, so that he gets the whole oil. At the same time, many times some people also manipulate at some petrol pumps. Now, as an example, a video for this is going viral on social media. You can see that in this viral video, there is a queue at the petrol pump. Just then, a man riding a bike opens his two-wheeler tank to fill petrol. After this, he asks the person present at the pump to put 40 rupees of petrol. The pump attendant asked him to look at the meter and make sure it was zero. Then the customer also says, "I see zero."

In the midst of all this, the person riding the car only keeps looking at the meter, then the employee fills petrol in the green colour bottle brought by another person sitting secretly outside the car in the name of filling petrol. During this time, the person in the car does not even know and he gives money and leaves from there. The person in the car did not even pour the oil and he also gave the money. By the way, it is a funny video, but many times it can literally happen if you don't pay attention. Now, this video has blown the minds of many people. You also be cautious.

This video of cloudburst blew people's senses, did you see?

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