Sagging Breast: Follow these tips to tone your breast and be in shape

Sagging of your breasts is a usual part of aging. But there’s lot you can do to prevent it from losing shape before its time. Firmed and toned breasts definitely go a long way in enhancing a woman’s overall beauty. Here are few things that can be done to prevent untimely sagging of breasts to keep one looking young and beautiful.

Quit smoking: A study by researchers at the California Department of Health Services found that the rate of breast cancer amongst women who smoked was around 30% higher than for those who had never smoked. Apart from that, it also believed that the toxins one inhales while smoking breaks the elastin present in the skin that is responsible for the supple and smooth tone of the skin around the breasts. Once the elastin on your breasts break away, it makes them droop and surrender to the gravitational force making them sag. Here are six breast cancer symptoms you should never ignore.

Cure: Well, if smoking is what’s causing the sagging and premature aging of your skin there shouldn’t be a second thought about it to quit tobacco. Here are some simple ways to quit smoking for the better.

Wear the right inner wear: Wearing the wrong bra size can make your breasts look droopy and sag, particularly if you choose one that doesn’t give the delicate muscles under the breasts requisite support. Too tight or too lose a bra, both can be damage your breasts. Also, breast size change throughout life like during puberty, pregnancy and menopause, hence it is necessary that you choose the right fit for yourself to give the organs the right support as and when needed.

Cure: Know how to select the right bra. Your breasts should rest on the cups snugly and you should be able to put two fingers through the band behind easily. Here are more tips on how to pick the right bra and type according to your requirements.

Use a sunscreen: Especially if you are outdoors and your outfit reveals your breasts to a certain extent. This is because skin damage due to harsh rays of the sun in that delicate area can make them go wrinkly and age prematurely. Also, it saves you from the potential dangers of skin cancer.

Cure: Apply sunscreen on your breasts when you plan to go outdoors. Make sure that your sunscreen is at least of 15 SPF value. Like you would reapply sunscreen on your face it you are out for too long in the sun do the same for your breasts too, whenever possible to keep them smooth and taut.

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Drink adequate water: According to experts at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals, skin is an organ whose cells are predominantly made up of water. Lack of water in the system takes a toll on the skin. It also makes the skin over your breast look shrunken and dull. When there is less water in your body the skin doesn’t receive the requisite amount and might look flaky, dry and get wrinkled all over. This could lead to premature aging of the skin around the breasts making it lose and sag. Here are 10 ways to increase your water intake.

Cure : Drink at least two litres of water throughout the day to prevent sagging of your breasts and formation of wrinkles on them. You can also include foods that are rich in water content like water melons, muskmelons and vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers, radish and eggplant to make sure that you have enough water in your body to keep your skin and your breasts look and feel young and healthy. Here are 10 benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel.

Maintain an optimal weight: If you are someone who struggles with weight too much, like you gain and lose weight continuously and fail to stay at a steady optimal weight, it could take a toll on your breasts. Your skin, especially over the breasts, loses elasticity when stretched. On the other hand, when you tend to lose weight, it sheds fat from the area very fast as compared to other parts of the body. This continuous stretching and relaxing of the skin makes it droop and sag over a period of time.

Cure : Try and maintain an optimal weight that corresponds to your BMI and is gentle on your skin too. If you are planning to lose weight, try an exercise regimen that helps you lose weight gradually and makes you lose inches and fats from all over the body, without targeting a particular body part. Here is how you can lose weight with an Indian diet plan.

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