Saint Sebastian’s Statue vandalised in Coimbatore church

Coimbatore: In a bizarre incident, two unidentified men vandalised a statue of St. Sebastian late on Sunday in the premises of a church in Coimbatore. Two men defaced a statue of St. Sebastian at the shrine at the entrance to the Holy Trinity Church in Ramanathapuram, the police said.

According to church priest, the incident occurred shortly after 10 p.m. Two men approached the church's entrance on a two-wheeler, and one of them scaled the gate. With a brick, the intruder shattered the glass plane of the shrine within the church compound and then vandalised the statue.

The pair escaped before the security guard could apprehend them. The security guard notified the church's priests, who notified the Ramanathapuram police.

The police opened an investigation into two unidentified men following a complaint lodged by Fr. Bastin Joseph, the church's assistant vicar. Though the church is located near the busy Ramanathapuram junction in the city, there was little vehicular and pedestrian traffic on Sunday due to the total lockdown.

The police stated that they had gathered several surveillance camera images from the area and were searching for the two men. The Holy Trinity Church is part of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church's Ramanathapuram eparchy in Kerala.

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