A Nihang attacked a woman with a kirpan on the allegation of sacrilege in a Gurdwar

Ludhiana:  A Nihang Sikh attacked a woman with a kirpan on the allegation of sacrilege in a Gurdwara in Ludhiana, Punjab. The kirpan hit the woman's feet, due to which she was badly injured. The woman has been taken to Ludhiana Civil Hospital for treatment. This incident is of Sunday (23 January 2022). According to media reports, this case pertains to Gurdwara Manji Sahib located on Malerkotla Road. The attacking Nihang accused the woman of desecrating the Guru Granth Sahib and fired a kirpan on the woman.

When the situation became tense, the police and paramilitary had to come forward to handle the situation. The local SHO says, 'I have not received any complaint so far. Action will be taken on receipt of complaint. At the same time, while giving information about this matter, the manager of the Gurdwara, Mohinder Singh has said that, 'The incident happened due to misunderstanding. The woman has not committed any desecration. Even after the Panj Pyaras refused to drink Amritpaan, the woman continued to insist on him. Even after everyone was ordered to go out, she was chanting Waheguru's name sitting inside the gurdwara. During this, someone raised the noise of the woman being abused. Then a Nihang fired a saber at the woman, due to which she got injured.

Mohinder Singh further said that, 'This incident should not be shown in a wrong way. The Nihang who attacked has already apologized. The creator of the video has also accepted his mistake. We went to the hospital to see the woman herself. She was unconscious, due to which she could not talk to him. We have come to meet his sister.

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