Samsung introduced a heavy duty charger
Samsung introduced a heavy duty charger

Samsung introduced a new charger, which, according to the company., Is ten times more powerful than any analog. The standard power of the charger is 10 watts, the power of the new Samsung device is 100 watts. If we compare the novelty with USB adapters with which Apple completes the iPhone, the difference will be even greater: their power is only 5 W

Manufacturers are now facing the problem of compatibility of chargers with various gadgets, Samsung said in the announcement of the new device. Because of this, gadgets charge slower or faster than required, which is harmful for their batteries.

To solve this problem, Samsung has built-in USB charging controllers of a new generation (SE8A and MM101) and sensors for determining the humidity of the environment and fixing the surge.

The new charger is also equipped with a chip with the function of storing the security key, encoding and decoding sensitive data of the device. One of the controllers for the new charger (SE8A) was put into serial production, the second (MM101) is being tested. 

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