Birthday: Before coming to Bollywood, She was quite thick, Sana followed this diet plan and became hot!

TV's Famous and Bollywood actor Sana Khan is celebrating her 32nd birthday today. Sana Khan had a special recognition from the Big Boss. From Big Boss Season 6, she came into much discussion. Sana Khan was Salman Khan's favorite contestant. Sana has also appeared in an Underwear's ad before coming to the Big Boss. Know the special things about her.

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Sana Khan, a contestant of  Big Boss 6 and Bollywood Actress, was born on August 21, 1987. Sana Khan had debuted from the B-grade film the High Society. She's followed by Salman Khan's film Jai Ho(2014) and Wajah Tum Ho (2016). Sana Khan was Salman Khan's favorite contestant. That's why she's been in a lot of discussions and has become famous today. 

"When I came into the industry, I weighed 60 kg. I was losing weight but, some parts of the body had accumulated fat." According to Sanaa, he did not take any cheat days during the period. She lost a lot of weight to work in Bollywood.

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"I got up every morning and drank two glasses of hot water," says Sana. 'Then I used to take calcium supplements. I used to take a gap of 20 minutes before eating anything. In breakfast, I used to eat some eggs and fruits. In the afternoon, I drank black coffee before going to the gym.'

'Then at lunch, I used to eat mostly chicken liver. It used to be a grill. Also, I used to eat mushrooms or broccoli. In the evening, I used to eat pancakes or fruits every day. Also, I used to drink two glasses of coconut water.'

'At dinner, I used to eat chicken again. Also, I used to cook food in olive oil. That's where I drank my mom's hand-made moong soup with Boil Chicken.'

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