Sandalwood Drug Racket: Actor Aryyan Santosh gave this information

Sep 19 2020 02:15 PM
Sandalwood Drug Racket: Actor Aryyan Santosh gave this information

New revelations are being done in the Sandalwood drug racket. Sandalwood actor Aryyan Santosh and TV anchor Akul Balaji appeared before the Central Crime Branch (CCB) for investigation in connection with the ongoing drug case. Sources close to CCB said that persons with links to the arrested accused are being summoned for questioning. "We can call people for questioning either to rule them out as suspects or not. We will be issuing notices to many more people in the future," a senior official with the CCB stated. 

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Talking to one of the media houses outside the CCB office, Aryyan stated, "A few years ago, when I was moving from the outskirts of Bengaluru to the city, I came into contact with Vaibhav Jain, a gold merchant. He had a small shop in the city. I rented out Jade villa through Airbnb and Vaibhav Jain was managing these properties. I had one rule that people should come in by 9 pm and not more than 10 people could be accommodated in the villa. I believe that the CCB has called me to ask about my connection to Vaibhav Jain."

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The actor further added that he had clashes with Vaibhav thrice in the past couple of years, after which he had allegedly asked the latter to stop managing his property. "When I found that he was not adhering to the rules I had set, I fought with him thrice over several issues. Most importantly because I found out that he had invited over 20 people once. I am here to cooperate with the probe," he was quoted saying. 

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