Know the amazing benefits of Sandal oil for hair and skin

Sep 16 2019 04:21 PM
Know the amazing benefits of Sandal oil for hair and skin

Sandalwood has been used for years to enhance the beauty of the skin. Even today, we use sandalwood in many things. It is also used extensively in many beauty products. Its fragrance affects everyone. It works to enhance the skin and hair naturally. At the same time, it is also very beneficial for the face. Sandalwood has many natural properties, which cleanse the skin color. Let me tell you, sandalwood oil is also very beneficial. Sandalwood oil is also beneficial for face and hair. Learn how sandalwood oil helps in increasing the beauty of hair and skin. Today we are going to tell you the benefits of sandalwood oil.

Benefits of sandal oil on skin and hair

1 Sandalwood oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which work to protect your skin from infection. The soothing properties present in it relieve skin irritation. Apply sandal oil on the face at night and sleep in the morning and clean the face with mild soap. It makes skin soft and glowing.

2 Sandalwood oil helps in the reconstruction of cells naturally. If you are troubled by sign of aging and wrinkles, then this oil also delays these problems.

3 Reduces pimples due to anti-inflammatory properties. Swelling on the face, relieves acne pain. Cleans the skin. Add some multani mitti in sandalwood oil. Apply it on the face like face face and leave it for 10 minutes. The problem of acne will be reduced.

4 When you shampoo your hair, then add sandalwood oil in a mug of water. Wash the head with this. There is hair conditioning.

5 If hair is dry, then add a little jojoba oil in sandalwood oil to make them soft. Apply it well in the hair. Shampoo it in the morning. Hair will get nourishment and hair will remain aromatic.

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