Saudi Arabia women get more freedom, Royal Family send hints

Jul 13 2019 10:09 PM
Saudi Arabia women get more freedom, Royal Family send hints

Riyadh: Women in Saudi Arabia will now be able to fly long flights even without the permission of men. Saudi Arabia is thinking of changing the country's strict laws under which women cannot go abroad without the permission of a male guardian or relative. A member of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia said: 'There is no doubt that the leadership, government and people of Saudi Arabia want a change in the system. At the moment, there is a discussion on how to implement it as soon as possible without creating any controversy. '

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Earlier, the Saudi interior ministry had to give a document travel document for women signed by a male relative. Some young Saudi women who have fled Saudi in recent years have done so by accessing their father's phone and changing settings. A newspaper quoted Saudi officials as saying that travel restrictions on women above 18 years of age could be lifted this year.

Under these proposed changes, boys below 21 years of age will also not be required to seek permission from family men to travel abroad. Earlier, a local newspaper in Saudi Arabia also spoke about the reforms in the rules on women's travel. If this happens under the rule of Saudi Arabia, which is considered conservative, it will have a major impact on women's lives.

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