Saudi F-15SA Fighter Jet Crashes, Claims Brave Crew's Lives
Saudi F-15SA Fighter Jet Crashes, Claims Brave Crew's Lives

Riyadh: In a devastating incident, a Saudi Arabian F-15SA fighter jet met with a tragic fate during a routine training mission near the country's King Khalid Air Base. 

The unfortunate crash claimed the lives of its brave two-man crew. The incident occurred on a Wednesday afternoon in Khamis Mushait, situated in the southwestern region of the vast desert kingdom. 

As the nation mourns the loss of its dedicated airmen, the cause of the crash remains under investigation, with the Saudi Defence Ministry seeking to shed light on the circumstances leading to the catastrophe.

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The King Khalid Air Base, located approximately 815 kilometers (506 miles) away from the capital city, Riyadh, lies almost equidistant between the Red Sea coast and the Yemeni border, both less than 150 kilometers away. 

The F-15SA, a formidable fighter jet manufactured in the United States, boasts a remarkable top speed of Mach 2.5, exceeding 3,000 kph.

The Saudi government's acquisition of 84 F-15SA fighters in 2011 stands as one of the most significant arms sales to a foreign buyer in history, totaling a staggering $29.4 billion. 

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Washington granted approval for this monumental purchase, and by 2020, the Royal Saudi Air Force had received the final delivery of these Boeing-built aircraft.

The F-15SA fighters have been actively involved in various military operations over the years. Since 2015, Saudi Arabia, leading a coalition, has conducted airstrikes on Yemen using these US-made jets. 

In March 2021, the Royal Saudi Air Force deployed F-15SA fighters to counter Houthi drones targeting Saudi oil installations.

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The gravity of the incident echoes a previous incident in 2015 when a jet crashed into the Gulf of Aden. However, in that instance, the two crew members were fortunate enough to eject safely and survive the ordeal.

As the investigation unfolds, the nation and the international community stand in solidarity with Saudi Arabia, mourning the loss of its courageous servicemen while eagerly awaiting answers surrounding this heartrending tragedy.


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