Keep these things in mind during the Shravan to avoid problems

Jul 04 2020 02:45 PM
Keep these things in mind during the Shravan to avoid problems

Let us tell you that the holy month of Sawan, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is starting from July 6. As we all know, the month of Sawan is very dear to Lord Bholenath. During the month of Saavan, Lord Shiva alone has all the powers of the trinity. There is an atmosphere of devotion all around. It is also said in the scriptures and it is believed that Lord Shiva gets pleased early in the month of Sawan than the rest of the days. Also, worshiping Lord Shiva during this month also has manifold benefits. So special care should be taken to ensure that there are no mistakes for the correct result of worship. During worship, all kinds of things should be taken care of primarily.

Some important things should be kept in mind during this puja. It is considered good to sacrifice green leafy vegetables in the spring, because the quantity of bile enhancer in green vegetables increases in the spring. Apart from this, the number of insect-mites increases in the month of Sawan which are harmful for health. Shivling is related to male element, so turmeric should never be offered on Shivling. Satvik food should be eaten in the month of Sawan. Meat, alcohol, onion and garlic should be avoided. Milk should not be drunk during the spring months. Therefore, Shiva is anointed with milk in the spring. If we believe in science, then these days milk works to increase bile.

Along with this, eating brinjal in the spring is not considered good. From the point of view of scientific reason, brinjal gets insects in the spring. In such a situation, eggplant can have a bad effect on health. Do not insult anyone and no one should be told any bad words of any kind. And no bad thoughts should be brought to mind. If a bull or a cow arrives at the door of the house, do not kill it and give it something to eat. In such a situation it is important that you pay attention to these small things.

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