Shravan will start from July 6, know religious significance

Jun 27 2020 03:00 PM
Shravan will start from July 6, know religious significance

The month of Shravan is considered very special in Hinduism. In fact, in the month of Shravan, we worship Lord Shiva. In the Hindu scriptures, it is said that Shravan month is the most loved month of Lord Shiva, it is also called the month of willfulness. The month of Shravan is called the holiest month of the year. In this month, there is also a tradition of Monday fast and bath. Now today we are going to tell you about the glory and importance of Shravan from a religious perspective.

This time the month of Shravan is beginning on July 6 and it will end on August 3. In such a situation, a wonderful coincidence is being made on this month of Shravan, because the first day of the start of Shravan is Monday. On the last day of Shravan i.e. on 3 August, it is also the day of Monday. In the month of Shravan, you should wake up early in the morning and put two drops of Ganga water in the bathwater and bathe and wear clean clothes. Roli Moli, Akshat, incense, lamp, white sandalwood, white janeu, kalava, yellow fruit, white sweetmeat, Ganga water and panchamrit etc. should be kept in the puja plate.

Also, if possible, leave your house barefoot for Lord Shiva's temple. After reaching the temple, worship the Shiva family. While sitting on the pedestal, lit a lamp of cow's ghee and incense sticks, recite Shiva Chalisa and also read Shivaashtak and pray to Lord Shiva while coming back to your home and say your heart's desire. By doing this your wish will be fulfilled.

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