Homework curfew issued in these schools, rules made from reading to sleeping
Homework curfew issued in these schools, rules made from reading to sleeping

Beijing: Perhaps you do not know how important it is for children to sleep, due to the increasing competition in today's era, there has been a deep impact on school children. In which the burden of his shoulders has increased. Where there is always pressure on children to stay ahead of others, bring the highest number in every examination so that they can get admission in the best college in the country. For which the parents of their children do everything possible and many kinds of pressure are being put on the children. But a resolution has been passed in China, under which every parent has to put their children to sleep before 10 pm, whether their homework is completed or not.

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In a similar situation, this instruction of Chinese schools is also a matter of discussion in China's Zhejiang province. The reason is new guidelines issued for school children, according to which it is necessary for children to sleep more than homework. According to the new rules, it is mandatory for every child in this province to sleep before 10 pm. Apart from this, parents are also being banned from having tutors for their children at the weekend.

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According to information received from sources, the time for going to bed for the children studying in primary schools has been fixed at 9 o'clock at night. The special thing about this is that if the children want to complete their homework or not if it is nine o'clock then they should go to sleep. The parents of children are getting very angry about this decision and they criticize it. He says that with this instruction, children will fall behind in the competition. The parents have called this decision a 'homework curfew'.

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