Schools in Andhra will continue to operate in offline or physical mode: Minister

AMARAVATI: Despite the fact that the daily Covid tally remains high, Andhra Pradesh Education Minister Adimoolapu Suresh stated on Monday that schools will continue to operate in the offline or physical mode. After a week of Sankranti holidays, schools resumed lessons on Monday, although attendance was low because parents are concerned about sending their children to school given the current Covid scenario.

The Minster told reporters after a meeting of the education department that the decision to keep courses offline was made in the best interests of the students."This academic year has already seen 150 days of school, and we plan to continue the remaining sessions in offline mode. We pursued a 'all pass' strategy in recent years because to the Covid epidemic, but we recognise the issues that kids may face in the future if this continues "he stated.

Despite the fact that online lessons have some drawbacks, the minister stated that parents of students should not be concerned about their children's safety because teachers are completely vaccinated and 90% of pupils aged 15 and up have had their first dosage. The minister said that there is no link between the distribution of Covid and the conduct of lessons in schools, but that if the situation warranted it, the government will take appropriate steps. Other southern states, including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, and Karnataka, have placed offline lessons on hold as a result of the rise of Covid cases.

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