Schools in Maharashtra will no longer provide kids homework, to take place soon

Deepak Kesarkar, the minister of school education for Maharashtra, said on Friday that if teaching in schools were of a high enough standard, there shouldn't be a need to give students homework.

Kesarkar told reporters that the proposal was still in its early stages and that he would consult with teachers groups and other interested parties before drafting a formal strategy for carrying out the directive since kids shouldn't be "overburdened," he said.

Kesarkar emphasised the necessity to raise teaching standards to a point where homework is no longer necessary, “Homework should not be an escape for teachers. It is important that teachers teach effectively in less time with more knowledge so that it is not necessary to give homework to children to be done at home,” he added.

He argued that teachers should be in charge of students' education rather than assigning assignments and berating them. A complete prohibition on homework is not advisable and may be damaging for students, according to some teachers who have expressed their disagreement with the minister.

The education department is considering including blank pages in textbooks for taking notes, according to Kesarkar's statement from last month. This would eliminate the need for kids to carry separate notebooks, which add weight to their school bags.

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