Security tightened in Britain, stay home alert
Security tightened in Britain, stay home alert

London: Coronavirus, which has been raging continuously in the world for many days, is no longer taking the name of freezing. Every day the outbreak of this virus is increasing, due to which the human aspect has reached the brink of destruction. Every day, due to this virus, many families are getting killed, while the infection of this virus is becoming an enemy of people's lives, millions of people are getting infected every day due to its grip. Talking about those who die all over the world, then more than 2 lakh 83 thousand people have died.

Corona caused havoc in Pakistan, more than 1900 cases reported

Stay Alert to Stay Home: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has indicated new preparations in the UK. PM Johnson changed the Stay Home slogan in a tweet on Sunday and made a stay alert. With that said that he will address the country on television. It is believed that the government can give relaxation in lockdown. Meanwhile, the UK Health Department has sent 50,000 corona samples to the US for examination.

Lockdown will exempt in parts of America amid Corona crisis

South Korea is among the countries that have controlled the coronavirus on a large scale, but this disease has started spreading again here. There have been 34 new cases of Covid-19 in the country on Saturday. 2100 bars and night clubs have been closed again in Seoul for two weeks. Meanwhile, President Moon Jay In has appealed to the countrymen not to adopt a careless attitude. He also said that there is no need to panic as the matter progresses.

Corona Live: Death toll reached near 3 lakhs, more than 41 lakhs infected

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