Girl took off all her clothes seeing the businessman alone and then...
Girl took off all her clothes seeing the businessman alone and then...

Raipur: Police in Chhattisgarh's Raipur have arrested a vicious gang that used to blackmail traders. Six persons were arrested including a girl. While another girl is on the run. The girl involved in the gang used to first make obscene videos of them after trapping. After that, she used to blackmail and extort money along with her colleagues who threatened to make it viral. Due to this, two youths involved in the gang used to pressurize them by posing as media workers. The case is from the Tikrapara police station area.

According to the news received, a businessman from Raipur wanted to sell his house. Due to this, he was introduced to Sultan Ansari Maulana, a resident of Sanjay Nagar. He promised to sell the house and gave him two mobile numbers. When the businessman spoke on the given number, a woman came to see his house and said that she would send a girl to buy a house while leaving. Then, on the afternoon of December 8, a girl came to see the house. The businessman was home alone at that time. The merchant went to the bathroom. When he returned from there, he saw that the girl had taken off all her clothes. Seeing this, the trader was shocked. Then two youths also entered the house and started making videos from their mobile. The boys abused the businessman and also took off his pant. Then, the trader was told that the police is coming. A young man said Let's settle it here.
The businessman gave them Rs 1.25 lakh after the boys threatened them. Subsequently, the criminals said that the video would be deleted. Don't tell anyone about it. Saying this, the criminals left the place. Two days later, on December 11, the criminals again called and said that the police would come to him. If they ask about the girl, say that she came to see the house. Saying this, the call was cut. The businessman reported this to his daughter and cousin and lodged a case. 

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