Seeing the wife in an objectionable situation with the neighbor, the husband took this horrific step.

Korba: A shocking incident has come to light from Pasan police station area of Korba district of Chhattisgarh . Where a husband saw his wife in a locked room with another man. Thereafter, the enraged husband killed his wife by hitting her with a hammer and a lodha. The accused husband has been arrested by the police. He was produced in court, after which he was sent to jail. Let me tell you that the wife often had quarrels with the husband.  

In fact, Kamlesh Agariya, a resident of Pasan police station area, used to doubt the character of his wife. There was a fight and fight between the two over this. The girl's parents had reached Kamlesh's village to resolve the dispute. There was a meeting between the two families in the village. In the meeting, the wife had assured to live well in the house and the husband had assured not to beat the wife.  

On Thursday, Kamlesh had gone out of his house to earn a living. His children went to study in the village school. His wife was alone in the house. In the afternoon, Kamlesh suddenly reached home, who found that the door of the house was locked from inside. Kamlesh broke the door inside where his wife was seen in a suspicious condition with a boy from a neighbouring village. According to the information received, Kamlesh's wife was having an affair with a youth from another village. The news of this was already known to her husband Kamlesh. Kamlesh did not like his wife's love affair with another. There were frequent quarrels between husband and wife. Seeing his wife in an objectionable condition with another man in a closed room, the angry husband Kamlesh could not bear it and got out of his way and killed his wife by beating her with a hammer and a stick grinding lotion. Locals reported the news to the police, after which the police arrested the culprit and sent him to jail.

He described himself as a bachelor and did 12 nikah, when he started preparing for the 13th Begum.

Girlfriend got angry on unfaithful lover, took this dreadful step"

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