Seizer Movie Review: Film weaved with Action and Good Music
Seizer Movie Review: Film weaved with Action and Good Music

Renowned Malayalam actor Chiranjeevi Sarja, a new director in the commercial sphere is born of this 'Seizer' - he has given an action sentiment and good music to love in his debut film. Apart from that, he is Vinay Krishna. For four years on this project, the creator of Druti Creations Trivikram Sapalya saw the value of commercial cinema. Apart from this, suspense is the main content for action and sentiment lovers. Because the movie 'Seizer' is a much better cinema in actor Chiranjeevi Sarja's career. Perhaps Chiranjeevi Sarja has learned the magic of commercial tricks from his brother Hatrik Nayak Dhruva Sarja. At the same time, it is Chiranjeevi Sarja's commercial film. With this, he wins with accolades for remaining strong as a heroic hero.

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Also on the content part, Vinay Krishna has added two layers - one is to seize the movement of vehicles for payment defaults and the other to use punk activity, second, he has also added suspense to the protagonist's character. At the same time, this is the brutal murder that he does without knowledge. He is the changed saga in the film. Simultaneously the police go on the hunt for the killer and in the last 'Samara' of Gajapati (Prakash Rai), the police salutes the hero's work. Also, Caesar is very clever on his road. He works for the One and Only Finance Company headed by V Ravichandran. He is in the race of Caesar. Ambulance, Police vehicle, CID quarter vehicle, IT official vehicle… ..Car list runs as all those who are defaulters. Director Vinay Krishna has done his job with good housework.

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Chiranjeevi Sarja's Love Angle with Parul Yadav is not good and Sadhu Kokila's comedy track is quite fine. It is a film made for Chiranjeevi Sarja's masculine image. With this, he has done it spontaneously. Parul Yadav caliber is wasted, Prakash Rai, V Ravichandran share the major honor among superiors. Along with this, there is a small presence of Sobhraj and Ramesh Bhat. The Nagineedu Telugu actor has made his debut in Kannada. While a raga with Chandan Shetty's two rocking songs and a fairly impressive background score for the film enhances the quality of the film, Anji and Rajesh Kata in cinematography is on the right track to add value to the film. But this is a feast and a default message for those who buy vehicles on loan.

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