'Send a photo, otherwise I'll die...', the girlfriend scared of her boyfriend's threat, took this scary step.

Lucknow: In Uttar Pradesh's Bareilly, when her boyfriend got angry, his girlfriend consumed poison and committed suicide. The case is of Izzat Nazar police station area. It is being told that the student studying in Bareilly College had an affair with the young man working in the bank. The two used to talk for hours on the phone. On Thursday, the boyfriend asked his girlfriend for a picture of him on WhatsApp. But the girlfriend refused to give the photo.

The boyfriend continued to insist, but the girlfriend did not send him her photo. The boyfriend also asked her to talk on video call. The girlfriend refused for him too, causing the boyfriend to become upset. He threatened his girlfriend over the phone that he would give up his life by jumping in front of the train. Then he disconnected the phone. The girlfriend kept calling him constantly. But the boyfriend didn't pick up her phone. My girlfriend called him 40 times. When the boyfriend didn't pick up her phone even once, she got scared. He felt that somewhere the lover had not really done it. Alarmed by this, the girlfriend also drank the toxic substance lying in the house at night. 

After which his condition started deteriorating, so the family took him to the hospital. But the situation continued to get worse. The girl lost her life during treatment on Friday. During this time the boyfriend also got the news of the girlfriend eating poison. He messaged that if something happened to you, I would kill your family. The family members alleged that it was only at the instigation and pressure of bank employee Sanchit Arora that the girl was forced to commit suicide. After the girl's funeral, the police have registered a case on the complaint of the family members. At present, boyfriend Sanchit Arora is absconding from the spot. Police are searching for the accused lover.

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