Seoul reveals plans to set up autonomous driving infrastructure by 2026

SEOUL: Seoul will continue out its five-year goal to establish safe autonomous driving infrastructure throughout the city with a 148.7 billion won ($125 million) initiative. Seoul will create and test various autonomous transportation services as the next step toward the full acceptance of self-driving technologies that will improve citizens' lives, after focusing on the construction and demonstration of self-driving technology infrastructure in recent years.

A level 4 self-driving car, unlike autonomous levels 1, 2, and 3, which aid human drivers in reaching their destinations, does not require a driver. It moves about by interacting with on-road features like traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. In the event of an emergency, a human driver is required. In South Korea, level 4 autonomous driving will be fully commercialised in 2027.

Seoul's city government wants to deploy more than 300 autonomous vehicles and related services by 2026, according to a press briefing held on November 24. For safe operation, autonomous driving infrastructure will be constructed that gives real-time traffic signal information on all roads with more than two lanes. Seoul will also create a precise road map as well as other safety platforms in order to avoid unforeseen scenarios and reduce road dangers.

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