When Sunny Deol Called Shah Rukh Khan 'Mujrewali', King Khan's Response
When Sunny Deol Called Shah Rukh Khan 'Mujrewali', King Khan's Response

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has been making headlines lately due to his upcoming movie 'Jawan'. He's been keeping fans updated by sharing new developments about the film. Another popular star, Sunny Deol, is also in the spotlight for his film 'Gadar 2', as well as his statements. One of these instances involves a disagreement between Sunny Deol and Shahrukh Khan. Sunny Deol made a remark about Shahrukh Khan, calling him a 'mujrewali' (dancer), which led to a reaction from King Khan.

Sunny Deol's 'Mujrewali' Comment:
There has been an ongoing exchange of words between Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol. At one point, both actors engaged in playful banter during interviews. Similarly, in an interview, Sunny Deol referred to Shahrukh Khan as a 'mujrewali', implying that dancing at weddings compromises one's dignity. He expressed his belief that this practice, although trendy, diminishes self-respect. According to Sunny Deol, actors should refrain from such acts and leave such performances to dancers.

Shahrukh Khan's Response:
Shahrukh Khan responded to Sunny Deol's comment by stating that his involvement in wedding performances is financially motivated. He clarified that he utilizes the earnings from such performances to fund his films. Shah Rukh Khan believes that weddings are joyous occasions and he enjoys contributing to people's happiness. He emphasized that his participation is a way of sharing in the celebrations. Moreover, he humorously added that only affluent individuals can afford his services.

Shahrukh Khan's Current Projects:
Shahrukh Khan's work is not limited to the controversy; he has recently starred in the hit movie 'Pathan'. Additionally, there's considerable anticipation among fans for his upcoming film 'Jawan'. The excitement surrounding the movie is remarkably high.

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