Duplicates of Bollywood stars are yearning for every single meal of food
Duplicates of Bollywood stars are yearning for every single meal of food

At present, due to the lockdown, the livelihood of millions of people associated with Bollywood has been lost and they are craving for every single grain of food. Yes, in this phase of lockdown, nothing will happen to the big stars of Bollywood, but instead they have taken away the livelihood of duplicate stars who have done stunts in films. Yes, the condition of duplicate of all the stars, that is, the condition of our enemies has worsened at this time and they are more upset.

Arif Khan, who is famous and working as a duplicate of Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor in the industry for the past thirty years, has not been able to survive. Not only this, Arif is also the president of All India Look Alaci Association. Recently, while talking about these conditions, he said, "How serious the situation really has become". He says that the artists have started getting calls that children are hungry and there is no food. With this, he told, "We are not very big stars, we just do shows and we shoot and this is why our house runs. I felt that 20-22 days is managed. But now the situation has started deteriorating so much that it is difficult to guess. Now the situation is such that I get calls from the artists that they should not send ration at home. Not only this, at least let Khan send food, the children are hungry.

With this, Salman Khan's body Double Sagar Pandey said about these conditions, "He was going to do a long 22-day UAE tour which was going to start from April 1". He said, "My There was a 22-day UAE tour. After this tour started from UAE, after we were going to Japan it was a 4-5 day show. 22 days was going to be a big opportunity for this long tour. But now all stopped. "With this, Raju Rahikwar, who is Shahrukh Khan's body double, said in a conversation with a website," If Shah Rukh sir works, it helps us too. But one way Shahrukh sir was not working for the last one year. Due to which I already had less work. The rest of the lockdown has made the situation worse.

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