Former Australia spinner Shane Warne injures himself in a motorbike accident

Shane Warne, the former Australian spinner, was involved in a motorcycle accident. As a result, he has been severely injured. Shane Warne and his son Jackson were riding their bikes. Meanwhile, he collapsed and was pulled 15 metres. After the accident, he was transferred to a hospital where he is being treated. During this time, his kid was injured as well.

"I am a little battered and hurt and really sad," Shane Warne stated after the accident. Though he avoided significant damage in the interim, the next morning was excruciatingly agonising. Shane Warne, 52, hurried to the hospital, worried that his leg and hip had been injured further. He was pulled 15 metres after the accident, according to reports.


Warne has been in controversy:

Shane Warne has been engaged in controversy throughout his cricket career and even beyond. His name was linked to a sex scandal and drug abuse. They were also expelled from the country as a result of their actions. Before the 2003 Cricket World Cup in South Africa, he failed a drug test. He was then fired from the team.

In the following month, the Ashes series between Australia and England will be contested. The first match of the series will be held at The Gaba in Brisbane. It is set to start on December 8th. Shane Warne wants to be healthy and available for commentary by then.

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