Sheetla Saptami is on August 10, must read this story

Aug 08 2020 07:00 PM
Sheetla Saptami is on August 10, must read this story

In the month of Bhadrapada, Krishna Paksha Shashthi will be performed on Sunday, August 9, with Halshasthi (Hal Chhath) worship. Thereafter, the next day is Sheetla Saptami. Now today we are going to tell you the story of Sheetla Saptami.

Story of Sheetla Saptami - Once upon a time on Sheetla Saptami, an old woman and her two daughters-in-law fasted. Everyone had to eat stale food that day. That is why the meal was cooked on the day before Sheetla Saptami. But both the daughters-in-law had kids, they thought they should not eat stale food as it is not good for their health as well as for their children. They both cooked food for themselves on that day. When mother-in-law asked to eat stale food, they avoided it by making excuses.

Mother was enraged by this act and both of her newborns were found dead. When the mother-in-law came to know the whole story, she expelled both of them from the house. They took bodies of their children along with them. They stopped near a banyan tree to rest. There were two sisters named Ori and Sheetla, who were very upset with the lice lying in their heads. Both daughters-in-law took pity on them and helped them to take out lice from their heads, they got some relief and blessed the daughters-in-law. The daughters-in-law recognized that they are Goddesses disguised as human being, they fell at their feet and apologized, the Goddess took pity on them and their dead children became alive. Then both of them happily returned to the village. Everyone was surprised to see this miracle. 

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