If had obeyed Shehnaaz, then Siddharth would have been alive today: KRK

Sidharth Shukla has bid farewell to this world. He has bid farewell to the world on September 2 and his untimely death has shocked his alleged girlfriend Shehnaaz Gill. So far the celebs who met the actor's house Shehnaaz have made a number of shocking revelations and said that she is completely shattered. Many of them expressed concern over Shehnaaz Gill's condition and said she was shocked and was not saying anything. Now amidst all this, the famous film critic KRK has made many big and shocking revelations about Sidharth Shukla's death.

In fact, recently he said, 'Shehnaaz Gill had asked Sidharth Shukla to go to the doctor last night but he refused to perceive the doctor.' You can see KRK shared a video. In this video, he said, "Media reports revealed that Sidharth Shukla had succumbed to his injuries on Shehnaaz Gill's lap. That is absolutely true. Shehnaaz had told her father that when Sidharth was feeling uneasy in the evening, Sidharth had asked Shehnaaz to hold his waist. When Sidharth Shukla's eyes opened at 3 pm, Sidharth again complained the same.''

Shehnaaz then gave Sidharth cold water to drink. Sidharth did not get up when Shehnaaz tried to pick up Sidharth in the morning. Shehnaaz noticed that Sidharth's body had cooled down and he was not doing any action. Shehnaaz then screamed loudly and called Sidharth's mother. In his video, KRK added, 'When Sidharth was feeling unaccompanied in the evening, Shehnaaz had requested a lot to go with me to the doctor but Sidharth refused to go to the doctor. Shehnaaz says Sidharth was very stubborn, he refused. If Sidharth had obeyed Shahnaz, Sidharth might have been alive today.'' Now many people are justifying KRK's claim.

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