Shilpi Raj's big statement on MMS scandal, said it was surprising

Popular singer Shilpi Raj of Bhojpuri industry remains the subject of discussions regarding her songs as well as MMS scandal. Some time ago, a video of the singer started going viral on social media. After the video surfaced, many questions are also being raised regarding the image of the singer. On which Shilpi Raj has presented his explanation.

Statement of Shilpi Raj on MMS Scandal: In an interview given to the media, Shilpi Raj has told the truth of MMS Scandal. Bhojpuri singer says that the girl in the viral video on the internet is not she, but some other girl. By telling them that their image is being ruined. Shilpi Raj says that a conspiracy has been hatched to defame her through the video. Even he has not even seen that video till now. They are as surprised as the common people are about the MMS scandal.

In the midst of the interview, Shilpi Raj has also said that she has filed a case in the court regarding the matter. Because in this way, it is very wrong to add anyone's name in this way without investigation. Singer claims that whenever someone moves forward in the industry, in this way an attempt is being made to defame his name in a wrong way.

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