'BJP workers to save Hindu Pandits and Sikhs instead of ED-NCB': Saamna

Mumbai: Shiv Sena today once again targeted the BJP in an editorial in its mouthpiece 'Saamna.' In fact, there has been a strong attack on the Central Government through Saamna. The Saamna says: "BJP workers exist in 'rave' parties on a cruise, the way ED appears in IT, they appear in Kashmir Valley. BJP workers catch drug addicts. Help in taking the ED's action forward. If innocent Pandits and Sikhs are currently being killed by terrorists in the Kashmir Valley, these enthusiastic workers should go to Kashmir.''

At the same time, the Saamna further says, "The leaders of this party also publicly advise their workers to form a 'private army' to "pacify" the agitating farmers. It was Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar who had asked the local BJP workers to prepare a 'Danda Force' in every district, that is, a private army, to teach the agitating farmers an "as it is" lesson. Use your 'Danda Force' against the terrorists of Kashmir instead of against the poor and justice-seeking farmers of the country.''

It further says, "In the last two years, the drug trade in India has increased 100 times. A month ago, 3,000 kg of 'drugs' were detected in Gujarat, worth about 25,000 crores rupees. A consignment of drugs is being seized daily in the Kashmir Valley. What is caught is visible. What has come into custom, in preparation, is invisible.'' Overall, the policy on Kashmir has clearly failed. Votes were won saying that 'Pak occupied Kashmir will also be added to Hindustan,' but it has become difficult for Hindus to live in their own Kashmir. There has been severe bloodshed in the Kashmir Valley in the last four days. Seven civilians were killed by terrorists in broad daylight. Terrorists enter villages, check identity cards and kill Hindus or Sikhs. The BJP had made a lot of uproar over the return of Kashmiri Pandits home, but not only should the Pandits return home, but the remaining Pandits are also fleeing.

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