Shivraj Singh slams Congress Chief for calling him Madari

Aug 05 2018 08:59 AM
Shivraj Singh slams Congress Chief for calling him Madari

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh recently addressed the comments made by the Congress party. Referring to Kamal Nath, he slammed the Congress chief since he called him 'madaari'.


Shivraj was in Sehore to address the 'Jan Kalyan Yojana'. He asserted that he and his party majorly were concentrating on the welfare of Madhya Pradesh and they aimed to make it the best state, not just of the nation but also the world.


Replying to the comment of the Congress leader, Shivraj asserted, "A Congress leader called me a 'madaari'. Yes, I am a 'madaari', who when plays his drum, the electricity bill comes down to zero. I am a 'madaari' who builds houses for poor, pays children's fee, who has vowed to change Madhya Pradesh and make it the number one state in the world."


He also talked about the policies made by his Government for the people and their welfare. He affirmed that he was given the charge of a 'BIMARU' state which transformed into a developed one under his leadership.

Shivraj described the various times that BJP proved itself as the most deserving party across the country and also claimed that the public loves them.

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