Show-cause notices issued to teachers who have given birth to 3 children in this state

Vidisha: A shocking case has been reported from Vidisha town of Madhya Pradesh recently. In fact, 989 teachers who have 3 children here have been issued show-cause notices by the DEO of Vidisha. Let us tell you all that in the family welfare order of January 26, 2001, it was said that government employees cannot produce more than two children.

Let us also tell you all that all the 989 teachers here have been confirmed to have three children. It was only after this confirmation that a show cause notice has been issued to them in this regard and their response was sought in the coming 15 days. However, so far, only 189 teachers have responded to the district education officer's office. Let us also inform all of you that there are about 7,000 teachers in the education department of Vidisha.

You may be aware that in response to the show cause notice of the Education Department, the teachers have given different kinds of arguments. In fact, in response, someone has cited the adoption of the child by a relative, then someone said that the TT operation failed. Not only this, but another teacher has cited that the rule is not at the time of getting a job. However, now a committee has been formed under the leadership of departmental officer Balveer Tomar to examine these replies of the teachers. It is being said that action can be taken against these teachers and their jobs can also be lost.

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