Serious 'side effects' from foreign vaccines demanded by Rahul Gandhi to be sold in India

New Delhi: Britain's women, who were among the first countries to start corona vaccination in the whole world, are now seeing its side effects. A recent research has revealed that women who have taken a dose of the corona vaccine have an adverse effect on their menstrual cycle. According to research published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, thousands of women have claimed that their periods have progressed by about a day after taking a dose of the corona vaccine. Not only this, many women have also claimed that they are having irregular and painful periods after vaccination.

According to media reports, the highest number of cases are related to Pfizer (Pfizer – 55%), Moderna (Moderna – 35%) and Johnson & Johnson (Johnson & Johnson – 7%) vaccine. A team of scientists in association with Oregon Health and Science University studied the menstrual cycle of 4,000 women through the Fertility Tracking App. The research involved women who had taken some vaccines and have not yet taken a single dose. Research has revealed that ,'Women's menstrual cycle has increased by an average of 0.64 days (about 15.36 hours) after the first dose and 0.79 days (about 18.96 hours) after the second dose.'

The three foreign vaccines that have caused side effects to women in research, once Congress, Left and media groups put a lot of pressure on the government to get these vaccines approved in India. An entire lobby had put in full force to spread confusion about Bharat Biotech's better vaccine to sell foreign vaccines in India. Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi also lashed out at the central government for getting approval for the Corona vaccine made by foreign pharma companies. He had told the Modi government at the Center that the vaccines of Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson made abroad should be approved for use in India. In this, many media groups were also seen joining the tone of Rahul. After this, the then Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad accused him of lobbying for foreign companies.

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