Reasons to avoid eating sugar during pregnancy, can harm baby health

Sep 17 2019 10:29 AM
Reasons to avoid eating sugar during pregnancy, can harm baby health

In pregnancy, you need to take special care of your food. This is because wrong food will not only affect the health of the child who suffers from a number of diseases, but it also affects the health of the child who is directly affected. It is important to keep in mind what to eat and what not to eat. If you consume more sweets, your baby, as well as your baby, maybe in trouble.

1. According to a study, when you take sweet foods, even if they are artificial sugar or drinks, they increase the risk of obesity in your child as well.

2. According to science, when you eat something sweet, the production of insulin in the body is high so that the blood sugar remains stable. However, the release of insulin can sometimes cause irritation and heartburn.

3. Blood pressure problems are often observed during pregnancy. If you eat more sweets, the problem may increase. This is because sucrose present in sugar sometimes causes sudden fluctuations in blood pressure.

4. Excess intake does not provide adequate nutrition to your baby. This may lead to problems in his physical and mental development.

5. Excess intake leads to more fatty livers in your baby and the baby's body. The effect is visible in the long run. This can lead to further diabetes problems.

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