Wearing Silver ring in this fingure can change your luck
Wearing Silver ring in this fingure can change your luck

Wearing silver is auspicious for someone and inauspicious for anyone. According to astrology, if the ring is worn on the smallest finger of the hand, then the person's luck shines. Yes and it has many other benefits, let us tell you today.

1. It is said that silver rings are commonly used for lunar planets. Actually, people who are fickle or angry, they benefit from wearing silver. By doing this, they get mental peace.

2. It is said that silver ring also works to shine luck, because wearing it strengthens the planet Venus.

3. It is said that silver is the factor of the planet Moon, so wearing it calms the mind. Along with this, attraction increases due to the influence of the planet Venus.

4. Apart from silver rings, it is believed that it is also used extensively in other works. According to Vastu Shastra, if Lakshmi is pleased to keep silver coins in an earthen pot and tie it with a red cloth, in the western angle of the house.

5. It is also believed that if you want to get the blessings of Mother Lakshmi, then you should always keep a small square piece of silver in your purse or vault.

6. If you want success in business, then a small solid silver elephant should be made and kept in your shop.

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