Singer DJ H Is The Chartbuster King of Desi Music.
Singer DJ H Is The Chartbuster King of Desi Music.

The One name that keeps popping up in the music industry is DJ H also known as Hardeep Singh Kataria. The Desi Punjabi music scene is blessed with another Gem of an artist known as DJ H. The Start Singer and Musician who hails from London, United Kingdom has a tremendous fan following because of his musical talent.

One of the rare things that set DJ H apart from the other artists is that he is a multi-talented artist who does complete work as a musician. He is a singer, musician, and also big-time DJ. He is a house of talent who can do many things, which can be seen in his popular hits like Ishq Brandy, Jawani 2, Heer, Yaar Dha, Thor, Come on Boy, and Mairee Jaan, etc. His passion and love for music can be seen and felt in the kind of music that he produces, which reflects his personality.

DJ H's love for music started at a very young age. He was always very fascinated by music and was very eager to learn. One of the key moments he mentions is that when he used to visit weddings and see the DJ mesmerizing everyone with his music, It stuck with him and inspired him a lot.  And by the time he grew up he had made up his mind to make a career as a musician. The dream which he saw as a child he finally made true by himself through years of hard work and struggle. Today he is the owner of Kudos Music which is considered the world's number 1 wedding event company and has also been awarded the Best DJ award.  Now he is among the most successful musicians and DJs and he is recognized all over the world for his pure musical talent and the struggle that he went through to attain this tremendous success as a musician.

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