Sister-in-law fell in love with brother-in-law, and then you will be surprised to know that it happened

Bhagalpur: An incident of love between sister-in-law and brother-in-law has come to the fore in Bhagalpur, Bihar. The woman reached the police station with her 6-year-old child and started creating a ruckus. The police were also stunned to see this love of the woman for her brother-in-law. This incident is of taking Kali Thakur of Jogsar police station area. It is being said that a man from here was married 10 years ago with a woman from Godda Arteri. But after about 6 years of marriage, the woman's husband died in a road accident. Then the woman started living with her child in Jharkhand.

Because of this, she fell in love with her husband's younger brother. Both started meeting and the closeness started increasing day by day. The woman told that she married her brother-in-law with the approval of her family members and both started living together. The woman alleges that now her in-laws are getting her husband married for the second time. As soon as she came to know about this, she immediately came running from Jharkhand to Bihar. The same woman reached Jogsar police station in Bhagalpur and started talking about dying with her husband. At the same time, she told the police that her husband should not get married somewhere else.

Due to this, the in-laws of the woman also reached the police station and started refusing to marry her son with the daughter-in-law. There was a lot of drama in the police station on this. The woman told the police several times in the police station the papers of her second marriage and talked about going to court. It is being said that the man Bunty is refusing to live with his sister-in-law. Police is trying to reconcile the two. As of now no result has come out yet. At the same time, according to the mother, her eldest son had died. Since then his daughter-in-law was in her maternal house, when she went to fetch her in-laws did not come. Now the matter is being investigated by the police.

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