Sisters turned out for Photocopying, face rape for 2 months and then...

Jul 22 2019 07:31 PM
Sisters turned out for Photocopying, face rape for 2 months and then...

Nowadays cases of rising crime are all shocked. One such case has recently come to light from Rajasthan. In fact, there is a case from Dholpur in Rajasthan which is shocking. According to reports, there is a police station in the district called Kanchanpur. Rape cases have been reported in the area with two sisters aged 18 and 16. Yes, the two sisters were raped for two consecutive months, and when a girl ran to her home and told the family the whole thing, the case was revealed.

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Yes, what the girl said is shocking. Let us know what the girl said. The girl said: "I am 16 years old. I have a house in a small district of Rajasthan. Mother, dad, and my older sister lived at home. Sister is 18 years old. We don't have much. Dad is a farmer. They run houses by farming. Mothers also help in their farming. I go to school. The elder sister has dropped out of school. On July 10, I was able to meet my parents about two months later. The last time I saw him on April 24," the girl said, "That day I and my sister left home. We were going to Bari village. My sister had to take some household items. I had to copy the photo. We had just gone a little farther. There was a black Bolero car parked there. Ramdhan Gurjar was sitting in it. With some people. He said he would leave us fenced. We both sat in his car. But he didn't take us to the fence, and took us somewhere else. There he forced us to take us off the car. We were forcibly drunk. Our hands and feet tied to the rope. Then we took turns raping," he said.

The girl said, "He threw a cloth in our mouth so that we could not shout. Ramdhan kept me and my sister in separate places. For two months he was raping us. I haven't seen my sister for two months. One day he drank more alcohol. He fainted under the influence of alcohol. Seeing him unconscious, I loosen the ropes of my hands and feet. Rescued himself and fled. Ramdhan was lying unconscious there. I didn't see my sister there. On July 10th I arrived at my home. When I arrived, I told my parents about the incident. The family said that when the sisters had not returned home, they went to Kanchanpur police station. Writing a complaint. But the police did not write their complaint. Sent them back without taking action. If the police had written their complaint at that time, we would not have suffered for two months," you tell everyone that the police have now acted in the case and are asking to investigate the case.

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