Six Indians will revive American economy derailed due to coronavirus
Six Indians will revive American economy derailed due to coronavirus

Washington: In today's time, either disease or any disaster becomes a crisis on human life. One of which is the coronavirus, this is such a disease, which has not been able to break any. More than 134000 deaths have occurred due to the virus, while millions of people have been infected with this virus. In such a situation, it is a little difficult for scientists to say how long will be able to get rid of this disease. The coronavirus epidemic has also severely affected the world's largest US economy. Concerned about this, President Donald Trump has started a search for Sanjeevani.

President Trump has formed groups related to different sectors: To bring the economy back on track, he has formed groups related to different sectors, including Sundar Pichai of Google, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Arvind Krishna of IBM, Sanjay Mehrotra of Micron. , N. Mukherjee of Pernode Record and Ajay Banga of MasterCard are included. Other prominent people include Apple's Tim Cook, Oracle's Larry Ellison and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

America badly affected by Coronavirus outbreak: America is severely affected these days by Coronavirus outbreak. Out of the country's 33 crore population, 95 percent of the people are locked in homes.

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