Slack has unveiled Canvas, an in-app feature same as Google Docs
Slack has unveiled Canvas, an in-app feature same as Google Docs

USA: Canvas is a new inside-the-app feature from Slack. It is comparable to Google Docs in that you can add information and share it with other team members and channels.

Every Slack channel includes a canvas. As an alternative, you can make and distribute as many canvases as you like. On a canvas, people can collaborate and add text, images, videos, and other things.

Slack first introduced Canvas a year ago, and it is now formally available to all users.It's possibly among the best tools the company has ever created.Given that it has always been difficult to locate any specific information stored on Slack, canvases seem like a great place to store items that you can quickly locate whenever necessary.

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One of the important online communication tools for businesses is Slack. It serves as a repository for paperwork, data, and work processes.However, because chats move quickly and people end up with a pool of threads, finding what you're looking for on Slack requires far too much scrolling.As a result, users can use canvases to store their important items for later use.

You can type text, upload pictures and videos, add links, embed Slack apps, conduct polls, and do anything else you can in a Slack conversation on a canvas.
It plays YouTube videos online, displays Slack media, and presents links as tokens. Additionally, although information is stored on canvases in document form, it is simpler to find and arrange items.

Canvases are only available to Slack users. You are permitted to distribute a canvas to the channels or members of your organisation.
Slack, however, prohibits the public sharing of canvases.

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This is probably a wise strategy for preserving the accuracy of the shared data.The comments on a specific canvas are kept in a separate Slack thread that is easily accessible at all times.

Canvas is a very powerful tool for creating documents with others. It doesn't directly compete with Google Docs, though. You have some control over lists and headings, but not much else when it comes to text formatting.

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A canvas can be used by several people concurrently. It also effectively manages sharing and permissions. Google Docs, however, is much more powerful.

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