Slippers queues outside polling booths instead of voters, shockingly the reason

Chhatarpur: There is a queue for voting for slippers in Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh. The number of slippers whose number comes, the voter will cast his vote. You will also be surprised to know the reason for this. The sight is of Sarani, a village adjacent to chhatarpur district headquarters, where sunshine and water have not been taken care of amid election arrangements. Here, the people have to make arrangements and arrangements on their own. Due to this, people have taken out this desi technical gimmick.

According to the same people (men and women) who came to vote, the administration did not make any concrete arrangements at the polling place. Due to this, there is heavy sunshine here since morning. They have resorted to slippers to protect them from the sun. He has put slippers in line in his place. The women told how long to stand in the sun. There is no arrangement of tents and water here. Due to this, they have lined up their slippers in the queue to protect them from the sun. Slippers are their identity. Now the number of his slippers will come, then understand that his number will come and he will go to cast his vote.  

In the same elections to bagota gram panchayat of Chhatarpur, the voters were seen resorting to mattresses to avoid the sun. When the ADM reached the spot, he confessed that there was a mistake. There has been negligence. In fact, polling is taking place in many areas of Chhatarpur amidst the scorching sun. No shade has been provided for the voters. There is also anger among the voters.   

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