Smart Work v/s Hard Work fight never ends, watch video to know more

Sep 11 2020 05:00 PM
Smart Work v/s Hard Work fight never ends, watch video to know more

Nowadays people prefer to work smarter than doing hard work. The fight has been going on for both these things for a long time. Those who do hard work blow their own trumpet. People who do smart work consider themself superior and talented. But in the midst of all this a new video has come out about which people are confused whether smart work is being done here or hard work.

This video has been shared on a Twitter page called Banana for scale. The Twitter user captioned the video 'Work Smarter, Not Harder'. One person is standing on top of the trolley and one person is standing below. He throws a bucket full of tomatoes to the man standing on the trolley, the man at the top catches it.

By doing this, the work is seen to be instantaneous. So far this video has received more than 19 thousand views. Many people say that this work should not be considered as smart work. Some people are calling it Hard work as both are putting a lot of efforts to load the bananas on the trolley.

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