This was Smita Patil's last wish

Bollywood actress Smita Patil was famous for her beauty and her acting. However, he is no longer in this world. Smita Patil passed away on this day. Smita was born on October 17 in 1955. She received a number of awards ranging from national awards for her outstanding performance. Smita Patil was one of the most talked-about actresses of Bollywood in the 70s. She was an actor who gave more than one film and her performance won everyone's heart.

Very few people know that once she insisted on lying down and getting makeup done. However, there was a reason why her makeup man had not agreed? In fact, Smita's co-star Rajkumar lay down and got her makeup done. That is why Smita also insisted. While Smita insisted, her makeup man said that he can't do makeup by lying down. On this, Smita said that Rajkumar sits down and gets makeup done. Hearing this, Deepak said that he is a prince, he does his mind. At that time Deepak pleaded with Smita that lying down would spoil the makeup and upset me.

After learning this, Smita sat down and agreed to get makeup done. Smita Patil's desire to lie down and get makeup done during the shoot of the film was not fulfilled but she was decorated like a bride after she died. It is said that before she died, Smita had said, 'When I die, prepare me like a Suhagan and that is how it happened. When Smita passed away on December 13, 1986, her last wish was fulfilled. Her body was dressed like a bride and the makeupman's hands trembled.

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