Facebook is going to take big steps, know whole matter

Sep 15 2019 03:49 PM
Facebook is going to take big steps, know whole matter

The world's well-known social media company Facebook is also going to take big steps against fake posts and harmful content. Tell that Facebook has recently said that it will soon limit those posts, which will not contain the truth. Actually, Facebook's global president Monica Bickert said that we want whatever content users are sharing on social media platforms to be authentic. We believe that if the posts shared on the platform are authentic (true) then it will create a better environment for sharing on Facebook. We do not want people to use Facebook to misrepresent. We want to know who they are and what they are trying to do here.

According to media reports, the community standard of this social media platform has been upgraded recently. Facebook said that apart from Authentic posts, the focus of this social media platform will be on three values - Safety, Dignity and Privacy. Facebook promises to make its platform a safe (secure) platform. Bickert further said that the kind of posts that scare people will be immediately limited and will be removed.

The use of this social media platform is to protect the personal privacy and information of the users as all the users have got equal rights. Bickert further said that some posts which are against our community standard but if that news will be of public interest, then we allow it as an exception. We value such posts only as public interest. We also make such a decision as a standard for international human rights. Recently Google has also changed its content search policy. Now in Google search, you will see the same content at the top, which has been reported original. Now you will not see any kind of misleading and sensational news in the news search. Google is changing the algorithms of its search, so that true and detailed information can be reached to the people.

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