Social Media Giant X Takes Down on Hamas-Linked Accounts Amidst Rising Tensions
Social Media Giant X Takes Down on Hamas-Linked Accounts Amidst Rising Tensions

In response to the recent wave of attacks launched by Hamas on Israel, social media behemoth X has launched a sweeping operation to dismantle a multitude of accounts linked to the Palestinian organization.

In a resolute statement, X's CEO, Linda Yaccarino, emphasized the platform's unwavering commitment to facilitating a public discourse during critical junctures, while also acknowledging the grave importance of curbing the dissemination of illegal content. Yaccarino firmly stated, "There is no room for terrorist organizations or violent extremist groups on X, and we remain steadfast in our real-time efforts to purge such accounts, including proactive entities."

Sources suggest that the swift response by X can be attributed to a 24-hour ultimatum delivered by Thierry Breton, the European Union's industry chief, directed at Elon Musk, X's prominent figurehead. Breton's message urged Musk to take immediate action in combatting the spread of misinformation on X and to comply with the newly introduced EU online content regulations.

Breton expressed his concerns regarding the platform's alleged involvement in disseminating unlawful content and misinformation within the European Union. The European Union's Digital Services Act (DSA), recently enacted, mandates that major online platforms, including X and Meta's Facebook, must take a proactive approach in eliminating illegal content and addressing threats to public safety and democratic discourse.

In response to the recent attacks, Yaccarino revealed that X had swiftly established a leadership team to assess the situation comprehensively. In a written communication to Breton, she conveyed X's willingness to engage in more extensive discussions with the EU and its representatives, potentially leading to a meeting to address specific concerns.

Notably, X disclosed that it had promptly addressed over 80 takedown requests from the EU within the stipulated timeframe. The platform also confirmed that it had not received any notifications from Europol regarding the presence of illicit content on its platform.

In a parallel move, Thierry Breton issued a stern warning to Meta on October 9, granting the company a 24-hour window to provide detailed information about the measures taken to counter the dissemination of disinformation on its platforms in the aftermath of the attacks in Israel.

It is essential to highlight that following the Hamas attacks on October 7, the reported death toll in Israel has surged to 1,300, with approximately 3,300 individuals sustaining injuries. Of these, 28 are in critical condition and 350 are in serious condition, as reported by The Times of Israel, citing Hebrew media sources.

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